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75,000 football pitches of protected nature, water for 100,000 people!

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Haiti’s farmers are feeling the effects of climate change

Haiti - Haiti has an average of 1400 mm of rainfall per year, but it fluctuates a lot. Some regions see more or less rain, and the periods of rainfall also differ. The amount of water does not meet human...

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Active in 9 countries

We work in Belgium, Benin, Burundi, DR Congo, Ecuador/Peru, Haiti, Mali and Uganda.

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Restoring fragile wetlands, step by step

Fixing an ecosystem isn’t something you can do overnight. With good planning and the cooperation of our partner JESE, we managed to make good progress in the Rushango wetland between 2019 and 2021.

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Joining forces for water in Bunia

Getting drinking water from the tap is not as easy as it is for us. Families have to do their bit.

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the main pipeline will be 16 km long


metres were dug every day

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Restore the mangrove and everyone will benefit

Mangroves are rich ecosystems, but they are often threatened by logging. In the south of Benin, Join For Water is working on a double track: restoring the mangrove and providing an alternative for the need for wood.

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people participated in tree planting


mangrove seedlings were planted

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Together we restore ecosystems and bring water closer to people who are lacking it.

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75,000 football pitches

is the total area of freshwater ecosystems that you help to protect every year.

100,000 people

annually reap the benefits of protected and restored ecosystems or gain sustainable access to water.