An integrity violation to report?

(c) Caleb Obed Chouchounou

Join For Water has built a reputation for quality. This reputation is based primarily on the competence, integrity and conduct of our staff. Join For Water expects from its employees, volunteers and partners to perform their duties in a correct and responsible manner. Our ethical code of conduct is the cornerstone of this.

However, have you become victim of an integrity violation by one of our employees, volunteers or partners? Think for example of abuse of power, corruption, fraud, racism or sexism. Or did you witness it? Thank you for reporting it to us.


Reporting an integrity violation

Everyone related to Join For Water can report an integrity violation by filling in the form. This way we can take appropriate action and learn from it for the future.

Every complaint is treated confidentially. Only the complaints manager (Tom Mestdagh) has access to the information reported. Personal data are not shared with anyone except with the permission of the reporter. Others may be involved at a later stage, if the further handling of the complaint requires this.

The complaints manager also ensures the protection of the reporter. Reporters who report their complaint in good faith may not suffer any negative consequences as a result of their complaint. Reporters receive acknowledgement of receipt and are kept informed of the actions taken.

A complaint cannot be filed anonymously, as this makes an investigation impossible.



For advice or further information, you can always contact our integrity advisor: