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Your donation to water really makes a difference

Climate change, pollution, rising consumption… Freshwater supplies are under pressure worldwide. Your donation to water makes a difference to people and nature alike, today and tomorrow.

45% of your donation

is tax deductible.

75,000 football pitches

is the total area of freshwater ecosystems that you help to protect every year.

100,000 people

annually reap the benefits of protected and restored ecosystems or gain sustainable access to water.


Join For Water keeps its promises. This organisation plays a vital role in protecting our water resources. That is of huge importance! Today, but also for future generations.

Yemi Oduwale, Join For Water ambassador
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Some of our water projects:

Sustainable management of a large area of rainforest

Better access to drinking water and sanitation in rural areas

Mangrove restoration for ecological resilience


You can donate online, but you can also transfer to the Join For Water account number: BE22 5230 8036 1747

45% of your donation

is tax deductible (for donations over 40 euros on an annual basis).

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Your support is important.

Water-rich ecosystems require urgent restoration and protection. In addition, there are still millions of people who do not have access to clean water. Discover why our work and your support are important.

Discover why


Make a donation via our donation page. You can choose to donate once or monthly. 

You can also simply make a transfer. This can be transferred to our account number: BE22 5230 8036 1747. 

Thank you for your contribution! 

On average, 85% of your donation goes to our water projects. This percentage ranks us very high in the NGO sector and we can count ourselves among the most efficient organisations.  

We need the remaining 15% for the administration involved in our projects (reporting, accounting, general management) and for fundraising. Fundraising is necessary to continue financing our operations.  

We are very grateful that you are willing to donate a fixed amount each month. This way you support our operations in a structural way, and we can plan our projects with confidence. 

You can easily donate monthly with a direct debit. You can start via our donation page. You can always change or cancel this direct debit. 

If you donate a total of at least 40 euros between 1 January and 31 December (in one go or several times), you will receive a tax certificate for this in March of the following year. With this you get 45% of your donation back through your taxes. 

A nice bonus, because for a donation of 40 euros you get 18 euros back through taxes, so in reality you only pay 22 euros. For example, for a donation of 100 euros, you get 45 euros back through taxes, so in reality you only pay 55 euros. 

Make a donation via our donation page. You can choose to donate once or monthly. 

Join For Water guarantees water for people and nature alike, today, as well as tomorrow. We operate in 9 countries, together with various different partners.

We tackle challenges at the source: resilient freshwater ecosystems form the basis for the right to water. We depend on them, for our drinking water, water for agriculture and food. They also offer protection against floods and droughts.

Sustainable access to water is not guaranteed everywhere. Those who do not have access to water do not find a way out of poverty. Whoever has clean water can go to school, be healthier and earn a better living.

The deterioration of water-rich ecosystems is a major cause for the lack of water. Deforestation leads to drying up of the soil, swamps are drained, pollution reduces the water quality. Climate change also brings nature out of balance, which results in a global water crisis. Moreover, rich countries, through their enormous consumption, are seizing freshwater resources, including in low-income countries.

Together with partners in Africa, Latin America and Belgium, we are working towards solutions. We protect and strengthen endangered ecosystems, we give access to water, we learn from each other, we influence government policy surrounding water and create awareness among the public as well as businesses.

Everyone has the right to water.

Here you can read more about our approach and history.