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More and more people are setting up a campaign for Join For Water. That’s great, because with a significant collection we can immediately protect more freshwater sources and give more people access to safe drinking water. And this also allows more people to become acquainted with our work.  


Birth of a child, marriage, birthday, retirement

Most campaigns are set up for a birth of a child, marriage, birthday or retirement party. A birth card or the invitation to the party states that instead of giving a gift you can make a donation to the account number of Join For Water (BE22 5230 8036 1747), with a message of your choice (such as ‘Birth of Marie’, ‘Birthday Etienne’ or ‘Wedding Els and Jan’).  

We will send a tax certificate for donations over 40 euros that are deposited directly into our account.  

We will provide an overview of the donations received afterwards, so that you can thank the donors in question on behalf of Join For Water.  


Top 5 best fundraising ideas

No birth, birthday or marriage in the near future, but want to raise money for Join For Water? Here is our list of top 5 best fundraising ideas: 

  1. Organise a benefit. A fish dinner, spaghetti night, bingo or quiz evening… Ask for a donation to join. Make it fun! 
  2. Complete a challenge. Train for a half marathon, cycle to Paris, fly a plane for the first time… and get sponsored to take up your challenge. Sponsors can be found in your circle of friends, family and colleagues, but also at the local butcher’s, the bakery or other shops. 
  3. Ask your employer for support. More and more companies want to give something back to society. Or maybe you know people in the business world who want to donate? Asking is free. A personal contact with someone from the management can quickly lead to a nice donation. 
  4. Donate work. What are you good at, or what do you like to do? Carpentry, demolition, wallpapering, painting, weeding? Ironing, brushing, walking the dog? Or maybe you can offer tutoring: Dutch, French, piano lessons, computer lessons? 
  5. Sell. A traditional and trusted way of raising funds… 
    • Sell cookies! Or pancakes, cake, pie…  
    • Carwash (with rainwater)! Fun to do with the (grand)children!  
    • Garage sale! We gather a lot of stuff in our lives. This includes a lot of stuff we don’t need.  
    • Have postcards printed and sell them! Let your (grand)children get in touch with their creative side. Or maybe you have an artist in your circle?  



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