What we do

Inspire to consume in more conscious ways

washing hands with soap for prevent disease

Belgians use an average of 7400 litres of water per day: 100 litres of tap water and 7300 litres of water used to produce their food and consumer goods. Belgians use twice as much water as the average world citizen. Our consumption comes at the expense of water resources elsewhere in the world.

2250 litres

You save an average of 2250 litres of water by buying a second-hand item of clothing instead of a new product.

1300 litres

Whoever eats vegetarian uses an average of 1300 litres less water every day than people who eat meat.

Conscious consumption is important if we want to avoid exhausting our freshwater resources. Together with our Belgian partners, we are therefore committed to raising awareness, with the aim of changing behaviours. 

The pressure on our water resources is constantly increasing, and our consumption also puts pressure on freshwater resources elsewhere in the world. 75% of the products we consume are imported from other countries. For example, we import a lot of water, sometimes from regions where water is already scarce or where the population does not have access to safe drinking water. 

Together with education bodies, civil society organisations, companies and local authorities, we are working on raising awareness among citizens. We encourage them to take action. 


Kinderen houden een bord op met daarop 'Hoeveel water eet jij?'
School children made creative posters and took them to the streets on World Water Day. (c) Dries Moorthamers


What we do? 


  • Awareness campaigns for sustainable water use to a wide audience, like the Water Challenge; 
  • 2-year water project in schools for teachers and principals; 
  • An offer on the water footprint, for civil society organisations and local authorities; 
  • Wereldwaterdag@school: a major awareness-raising moment on March 22 (World Water Day) with a global setup, in hundreds of Flemish schools; 
  • (…)