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The advantage of a structural collaboration is that we can plan our projects in advance with confidence. We have three formulas for a sustainable partnership. Read more about our return below. 


1. A partnership for general support

For corporate gifts of 3,000 euros or more per year, for a period of 3 years. 

Your contribution supports the global approach carried out by Join For Water. We ensure that this investment yields optimal returns, with maximum impact for people and nature.  


2. A partnership for a specific project

For corporate donations of 5,000 euros or more per year, for a period of 3 years. 

Does your company have a particular interest in a particular country or topic surrounding water resources or supplies? If you enter into a partnership with us for a specific project, we make sure that you can follow the project closely. 

Discover the various projects you can support here. Looking for something else? Please contact Marleen Vos (contact details below).


3. A partnership made to measure

For corporate donations of 10,000 euros or more per year, for a duration of 3 years. 

Does your company have ideas for shaping sustainable water commitment? We are happy to see how we can develop a proposal tailored to your company and your wishes. 



Whatever sustainable partnership you enter into, your company can always count on the following: 

  • An entry in our digital annual report in which we explain what we have achieved, partly thanks to your company’s contribution.  
  • Communications feature: a mention in our annual report and your logo featured on the partner page of our website. 
  • A presentation for your staff, customers or network about our achievements OR an interactive workshop about the water footprint and how we can reduce this. 
  • If you enter into a partnership for a specific project or a made-to-measure partnership, you will also receive an annual update in the form of a report with photo updates and testimonies. 



Interested in a sustainable partnership?

Please contact Jasmine Kestens, responsible for corporate partnerships.