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Agnes De Coster


It is reassuring to know that our heritage will be spent wisely. Water is the most precious commodity on earth: we should use it with care and share it with everyone.

Agnes De Coster included Join For Water in her will

By including a charity such as Join For Water in your will you give more people what they are naturally entitled to: water.  

An inheritance or donation to a charity such as Join For Water is a generous gesture. With your contribution, big or small, you make the world just that little bit better for the next generations. Clean water and abundant nature remain essential for their survival. 


Join For Water in your will: our promise

If you include Join For Water in your will, we promise you the following: 

  • Your legacy revives vulnerable nature and ensures access to clean water for future generations. 
  • Join For Water is included in the list of recognised charities. You can count on professionalism and decisiveness. Your contribution will be spent efficiently and with the utmost care. 
  • If you wish, we will only use your contribution for a specific country or a topic that is close to your heart. Please get in touch to discuss this further. 
  • Join For Water pays 0% inheritance tax in Flanders. 100% of what you leave to us through your will goes to the communities that need it most. 

More and more people are including a charity in their will. Are you considering leaving (part of) your assets to Join For Water? Jasmine Kestens is our gift and bequest officer and will be happy to make time to answer your questions. Join For Water is affiliated with and can thus call on expert advice from various notarial lawyers. Contact Jasmine Kestens and schedule an appointment at our head office or at your home. A lawyer can provide more information about drawing up a will and the possibilities of donating (part of) your estate to Join For Water.

Join For Water in your will?

Jasmine Kestens is responsible for legacy giving and will answer all your questions.


What happens to your belongings when you are no longer around? If you choose not to make a will, your estate automatically passes to your legal heirs. Firstly, these are your spouse(s), children, grandchildren or parents. Your blood relatives are also legal heirs: your brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts… If you have no legal heirs, your entire estate will go to the state. 

If you want to specify certain matters with regard to your inheritance, it is important that you draw up a will. This avoids issues further down the line and you can rest assured that everything is arranged in the right way. Your will, of course, is only executed after your death.  

You can write and sign a will by hand yourself, but it is recommended to have it drawn up by a notary. That is usually straightforward. The legal terminology and the evidential value a notary provides is guaranteed so that no doubt can arise about the execution of your final wishes. Your notary registers your will with the Central Register of Wills. 

You can change your will at any time in your life. 

On 1 July 2021, an amendment in Flemish inheritance law came into effect, whereby the duo legacy was abolished. A duo legacy was a technique that made it possible, by appointing a charity as general legatee, to be charged a lower inheritance tax for heavily taxed heirs. This program has been abolished and will no longer provide a tax benefit.  

Have you drawn up a will with a duo legacy? It is best to check this with your notary as soon as possible. Do this in time, because your will can no longer be executed if it has not been amended in line with the inheritance law.  

 If as a testator you live in the Walloon or Brussels-Capital Region, nothing changes. In that case, you can still register a duo legacy in your will. 

If you are a permanent resident of Flanders, you can no longer include a duo legacy in your will. The duo legacy can only be included in a will if you live in Wallonia or in the Brussels-Capital Region.  

Join For Water pays 0% inheritance tax on the estates of Flemish testators and 7% tax on the estates of Walloon testators. For the Brussels-Capital Region this is 12.5%.

A generous gesture, which we greatly appreciate. It is of course up to you to inform us or not. If we are informed, we can, if you wish, keep you updated on our results, and we can invite you to information days or other events. 

Please contact Jasmine Kestens at