Protos Andes contributes to a fair society through its efforts for participatory, equitable and sustainable water management. Protos Andes works with users to develop mechanisms for guaranteeing rights. The organisation also sets up actions to influence public policies. Protos Andes has a strong network of local, national and regional players.

As a partner of Join For Water in Ecuador/Peru, Protos Andes coordinates activities in both countries and works specifically on capacity building (proper management of water resources), advocacy and learning processes of all stakeholders.

Protos Andes was created in 2017 when Join For Water ended its activities in Ecuador and handed over to the local team. Colleagues became partners.


Protos EC heeft een lange ervaring in dienstverlening voor drinkwater en blijft pleiten voor het recht op water voor iedereen.
Protos Andes has a long experience in providing services for drinking water and continues to advocate for the right to water for all. (c) Protos Andes


Created in 2017
Partner of Join For Water since 2017
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