Faja Lobi

The NGO Faja Lobi implements environmental and social projects in the DR Congo. It has a programme of reforestation and agroforestry to tackle climate change. More specifically, Faja Lobi aims to reforest 100,000 hectares in the high savannah plains around the town of Idiofa – Kwilu province – and in the vulnerable source areas of the valleys.

Faja Lobi acts as a stabilising factor, mediator and networker, to empower the population through e.g. capacity building. The rural exodus brings many people to cities like Idiofa, without infrastructure, jobs or services. This leads to conflicts about land use, economy and living together in general.

As a partner of Join For Water, Faja Lobi is working in Idiofa to: establish a 200 ha forest to protect water resources to the west and north of the city; manage and sustainably exploit the forests that have already been established since 2012 (over 2 000 ha); draft a study mapping water resources in the intervention area and describing the challenges; build water infrastructure around the city. Technical and organisational capacity building of the partner organisation is also an important component.


Partner ofJoin For Water since 2022
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