Since 2014, the CBVRMED, the Moustiques River Basin Committee for Sustainable Use, has been supporting various stakeholders in this basin. This involves awareness-raising activities about environmental protection, soil conservation and protection, and sustainable management of water resources. The CBVRMED works in particular with the association of irrigators in the area.

After all, within the river basin, each party must consider the other so that sufficient water is available to everyone, both upstream and downstream. The river basin committee also participates in agro-meteorology, which means that farmers can optimally manage the resources sun, wind, humidity, temperature and precipitation to do farming.

The CBVRMED carries out the following activities as a partner of Join For Water:

  • planning and monitoring the activities of the various partners in the areas of agriculture and drinking water, advocacy, protection and conservation of resources;
  • coaching the users to pass on good practices;
  • working to raise awareness of the value of ecosystems;
  • participating in the rehabilitation of ecosystems (mangroves, lakes and springs).


All inhabitants of the catchment area do their bit… including the pupils of the schools.


Created in 2008
Partner of Join For Water since 2014