AVEDEC – short for Association Villageoise d’Entraide et de Développement Communautaire – has been working in the sector of WASH – Water Sanitation-Hygiene – and Integrated Water Resources Management since 2002. The organisation is fully acquainted with the Burundian policy and strategy concerning WASH and maintains good contacts with the relevant government agencies.

AVEDEC wants to help the Burundian population to get easy access to a number of basic services. The management of natural resources is crucial in this respect, for access to water, hygiene and water for agriculture. AVEDEC manages water resources and builds systems to bring drinking water to the people, and builds ecological latrines for the poorest populations. In order to preserve water resources, the construction of drinking water facilities is combined with activities to protect the environment. This includes planting trees in water infiltration areas or developing river basins to allow the replenishment of groundwater levels. AVEDEC’s animators provide training on good hygiene and sanitation practices.

AVEDEC has been the partner of Join For Water in Burundi for many years and will continue to be so in the years to come. The focus remains on the provision of drinking water and the promotion of hygiene and sanitation. But AVEDEC will bear in mind the overall picture that includes the protection of soil and water ecosystems.


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AVEDEC provides families with an easy rainwater harvesting system. (c) AVEDEC

Created in 2002
Partner ofJoin For Water since 2008
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