AGRIBEL has a professional training centre called ETAGE (Ecole Technique d’Agriculture et de Gestion de l’Environnement), which specialises in sustainable agriculture and was founded by Haitian academics. The training is aimed at young people, and at people who want to refocus. Agricultural techniques, agricultural entrepreneurship and financial solidarity are the main components. ETAGE tailors the training to the specific needs and wants to strengthen the capacity of young people in particular to tackle their own problems.

As a partner of Join For Water, AGRIBEL cooperates in 2 specific areas.

  1. Restoration-preservation-development of a mangrove ecosystem. About a hundred families in the coastal area of Port-de-Paix depend on this ecosystem for all their needs. But it is threatened by population growth, among other things. Solutions that integrate basic sanitation, family economy, water management, education, ecology and tourism will be elaborated in collaboration with local fishermen, young people, etc. We hope that the mangrove will thus be added to the official list of protected coastal areas of the Haitian Ministry of the Environment. To achieve this, advocacy is needed.
  2. Build local knowledge, to build solutions for sustainable development. AGRIBEL, through ETAGE, intends to develop indicators to better report on the state of the environment and the management/exploitation of resources. ETAGE will collect data on water resources, ecosystems and the social and economic situation of communities. The data collected will then form the basis for raising awareness and advocating for good policies.


Haïti Agribel landbouw partner opleiding
At the Agribel farm in Port-de-Paix, young people learn how to practice farming. (c) Agribel


Created in 2015
Partner of Join For Water since 2022