Live Nation festivals: cups for healthy nature!

De Mayo-Chinchipe in Ecuador. (c) Dries Moorthamers

BELGIUM – Are you going to Werchter Boutique (17/6), TW Classic (18/6) or Rock Werchter (29/6 – 2/7)? Then drop your cup in one of the ‘gitterboxes’ and support Join For Water!

End of the day and don’t feel like returning cups to a recycle/return point? Don’t throw your cup away, but drop it in one of the ‘gitterboxes’. The proceeds of the cups that end up in these boxes go to Join For Water. At Werchter Boutique and TW Classic you will find the gitter boxes on the festival site, at Rock Werchter they are on The Hive.

Live Nation, the organization behind Rock Werchter, TW Classic and Werchter Boutique, considers sustainable use of water important and therefore supports two Join For Water projects: one nearby, in Landen (Flemish Brabant) and one in Ecuador/Peru. We thank Live Nation for this great initiative and contribution to our projects.


The city of Landen has been hit by extreme floods several times. The city is therefore planning various greening projects to create more space for nature and water. Although these initiatives have a direct impact on the residents’ environment, they are rarely involved in the decision-making process and implementation. Join For Water changes this and allows citizens to be part of the solution by setting up a participation process in 2023 and 2024.


In the Mayo-Chinchipe basin – a source river of the Amazon – an area of 500 hectares is being protected to guarantee water quality and quantity and to increase CO2 storage. In addition, efforts are being made to modernize the existing drinking water infrastructure and to consultative platforms. The planned activities will improve access to ecosystem services and strengthen community and environmental resilience to the impacts of climate extremes. Vulnerable groups are explicitly involved in this.