Annual report 2021

Water as an instrument for peace


In these times of war and turmoil on the European continent, we, at Join For Water, also look more closely at our contribution to peace and security.

The extent to which drinking water and water for agriculture can be instruments for war has unfortunately become even more apparent in Ukraine in recent months. Denying drinking water to innocent civilians is used as a cruel weapon. Making agriculture impossible when rainwater and irrigation water allow crops to germinate, causes dramatic price increases and soon food shortages in Africa, which imports a lot of wheat from Russia and Ukraine.

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We report specifically on the tens of thousands of people who obtained better access to water in 2021 thanks to Join For Water.

Behind the success of the drinking water projects in Ituri in Congo, there is the successful negotiation of our partner CIDRI to get the sources of the water out of the hands of rebels. In Mali, the shared interest in decent toilets and clean water brought a divided community back together. In Benin, we were able to raise the conflicting interests of the users of river water for discussion through a game and to reach a proposal for management that benefits everyone. For thousands of women, together with our partners, we reduced the risk of sexual violence by providing toilets closer to home.

Water as an instrument for peace requires investments in the future. Global warming is making fresh water scarcer, which threatens to cause a fierce battle over access to water. That is why, from this year on, we will focus even more on protecting vulnerable ecosystems that are important for preserving global fresh water resources. At the same time, together with our partners, we will continue to bring water closer to as many people as possible in the here and now.

In order to continue to use water as an instrument for peace, your interest in Join For Water is very important. Thank you for your support and encouragement!


Antonique Koning (president) & Bart Dewaele (director)