Support with your company

Organise a fundraising campaign

A fundraising campaign can take place both within your company and outside. One thing is certain: you can show that you are committed to the global water challenges. 


Organise an event

Set up a fun initiative together with enthusiastic employees to collect money for Join For Water. To motivate your employees even more, you promise a corporate matching donation programme: the amount collected is matched (rounding up to a round number, doubling the amount…). 


Inspiration from other companies?   

  • ECCO Products organised a sponsored bike ride; 
  • Renotec organised paid fitness campaigns and sold healthy meals for Join For Water; 
  • Pidpa employees take part in running competitions to raise money; 
  • VITO annually organises a fun quiz for employees. 


Donate a fixed amount per sale 

For every sale of a product or service, your company contributes a certain amount to Join For Water. This shows your commitment to your customers. 


Inspiration from other companies? 

  • X2O Bathrooms sells rubber ducks in its points of sale. For each duck sold 2 euros goes to Join For Water. 
  • KrisKras: for every trip sold, 5 euros goes to Join For Water. If possible, KrisKras will double these contributions. 
  • De Watergroep encouraged its customers to switch to digital invoicing. For every customer who switched, 1 euro went to Join For Water. 



Setting up a fundraiser with your company?

Contact Jasmine Kestens, responsible for corporate fundraising campaigns.