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Tropenbos DR Congo

Tropenbos International (TBI) is active in 10 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia. TBI brings together the know-how to tackle complex issues concerning the sustainable management of forests and trees.

Tropenbos has been operational in DR Congo since 2010. TBI works in DRC on sustainably managed landscapes where natural resources are exploited sustainably and local communities and indigenous people lead a better life. Tropenbos RDC is active in the provinces of Ituri, Mongala and Tshopo.

These provinces contain large forest areas on which the local communities depend for their livelihoods. Although there is an abundance of natural resources, they are threatened by illegal mining, poaching, agricultural expansion and deforestation.

As a partner of Join For Water, Tropenbos RDC participates in the activities in Bafwasende. They support the communities with a CFCL or a Concession Forestière de Communautés Locales. A CFCL means that a local community is allocated a forest by the state, based on customary law, which they may use to meet their livelihood needs. Tropenbos RDC cooperates in the development of management plans and their implementation. In addition, Tropenbos will identify and support 3 new local communities in the same catchment area to obtain a CFCL title.


RDC Tropenbos partner
People depend on the forest for their livelihood. (c) Bart Dewaele


Created in 2017
Partner of Join For Water since 2022
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