ODRINO specialises in the technical implementation of infrastructure for drinking water, sanitation, sewage and irrigation. ODRINO also takes responsibility for social engineering. This includes all non-technical and non-material aspects such as system management, user agreements, training, etc.

ODRINO works with farmers to protect springs and better organise slopes, for example with anti-erosion trenches and dikes. It installs weather stations and provides training in their use and interpretation of data.

ODRINO has been working in the northwest of Haiti for over 30 years and has been a partner of Join For Water for many years. For the rehabilitation of drinking water systems, the construction of public latrines, the rehabilitation of school latrines, the development of agricultural land and mountain lakes… Join For Water can continue to rely on ODRINO.


Haïti irrigatie geul landbouw
Irrigation canals transport water to the fields.


Partner of Join For Water since 1988
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