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The organisation NRDI – Natural Resources Defence Initiatives – is mainly active in western Uganda, more specifically in the Mpanga and Semliki river basins. In the protection of natural resources, NRDI attaches great importance to community responsibility.

NRDI creates farmer groups/committees of water users so that they establish a common responsibility. Through these committees, farmers also receive information on ecosystem restoration, climate-friendly agriculture and best farming practices.

The role of NRDI as a partner of Join For Water mainly consists of (technical) support in reforestation and in drawing up reforestation plans: selecting tree species, running nurseries, setting up micro-irrigation points and installing sanitary facilities.


Oeganda partner NRDI Fort Portal boomkwekerij
NRDI runs tree nurseries to boost reforestation. (c) NRDI


Created in 2014
Partner of Join For Water since 2017
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