Naturaleza y Cultura Internacional

NCI – short for Naturaleza y Cultura Internacional en Perú y Ecuador – works closely with local and indigenous communities who set their own goals for habitat protection, sustainable land use and the preservation of indigenous cultures.

As a partner of Join For Water, Naturaleza y Cultura takes on activities in Ecuador and Peru related to the protection and conservation of ecosystems and access to their services. These activities take place in the Mayo-Chinchipe river basin, which lies on the territory of both countries.

NCI has been active in the project area for several years and has the necessary technical, financial and legal capacities. For NCI, it is essential that the users have their say, actively participate and share the responsibility in the protection and management of the water resources.


Naturalez y Cultura Internacional
NCI has been operating in the project area for several years.


Created in 2004 (Peru) and 1996 (Ecuador)
Partner of Join For Water since 2022
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