Oeganda partner Mountains of the Moon


Mountains of the Moon University offers a wide range of both Bachelor and Master programmes and is located in Fort Portal, in western Uganda.

This university has previously worked on the Join For Water project to protect the endangered palm fern, which can only be found on the banks of the Mpanga. This was part of a broader programme around the Mpanga river.

As a partner of Join For Water, MMU is working on research into resilient ecosystems. This is the subject of the thematic partnership in which Join For Water is also a member – together with BOS+, WWF and CeBios, among others. In this context, the university is supervising a doctoral student who is focusing on water for livestock.

MMU offers logistical support to a doctoral student of Ghent University on the impact of drinking water infrastructure on gender relations and health (water quality).

Join For Water and BOS+ are also working with MMU to develop joint educational packages on water and forest related ecosystem services and resilience, and training sessions adapted to specific target audiences such as primary schools, farmers.


Oeganda partner Mountains of the Moon
Students of the Mountains of the Moon university took on the role of surveyor for UGent doctoral student Femke Maes. (c) Femke Maes


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