België GoodPlanet Partner

GoodPlanet Belgium

GoodPlanet Belgium is the Belgian branch of an international organisation that inspires young and old to create a sustainable society.  Through projects, campaigns and workshops, GoodPlanet shares knowledge and plants seeds for change. GoodPlanet wants to make the ideas behind sustainable development tangible, attainable and attractive.

The organisation targets children and young people, the general public and the business world.

Join For Water and GoodPlanet coordinate their work with schools and businesses as partners. GoodPlanet integrates Join For Water’s expertise on sustainable water use, ESD (education for sustainable development) and Whole School Approach into its water classes for schools. Join For Water and GoodPlanet also work together on the further development of tools such as the ‘kiosk’ and the Goodschooldigitool.


België GoodPlanet Wereldwaterdag
What’s in the water? Find out with GoodPlanet on World Water Day. (c) GoodPlanet


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