DR Congo partner CIDRI


The NGO CIDRI – short for Centre d’initiation au développement rural en Ituri – was founded in 1984 and is active in the north-eastern province of Ituri in DR Congo. In terms of basic services, this region is considered a deprived area and CIDRI wants to help ensure access to drinking water, hygiene and sanitation in a healthy environment.

In its early years, CIDRI focused on technical aspects: preliminary studies, search for funding, construction of gravity drinking water systems, drilling for drinking water, etc. Thanks to its solid knowledge and experience, CIDRI built up good relations with the administrative and technical authorities.

The local population always plays an essential role in the works, starting with the excavation of the trenches in which the pipelines bring the water from the source areas down. They are also involved in managing the systems through drinking water committees.

Over the years, CIDRI started to increasingly incorporate hygiene and sanitation into its activities and work according to the principles of Integrated Water Resources Management.

CIDRI has been the partner of Join For Water since 1989. In the coming years, CIDRI will expand the network in the ever-growing provincial capital of Bunia. If security conditions permit, CIDRI will also work in the municipalities of Tchomia and Nyamavi.


A water kiosks for the sale of tap water in Bunia. (c) Join For Water


Created in 1984
Partner of Join For Water since 1989
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