What role for an NGO in community forestry?

Whole areas of rainforest continue to be logged for additional farmland. Alternatives are needed. (c) Harald van der Hoek

DR Congo – Join For Water is working with its partners to conserve and protect the rainforest in DR Congo’s Tshopo province.

The academic publisher platform SAGE recently published an article about this community forestry to which colleagues from our partner Tropenbos RDC contributed.

The article is about the role of NGOs in community forestry. An important role for NGOs is to assist communities to develop their own governance structures, adapted to existing customs, practices and needs. The article provides some examples of community-level governance challenges that NGOs may encounter when supporting community forestry initiatives.

Read the article: NGOs Facilitating Internal Governance Processes in Community Forestry Initiatives (


As for our role, our partners support communities that were given a section of forest to manage through a government concession (CFCL). Read also: Manage the forest you depend on | Join For Water