We have to adapt

An exploratory drilling yielded nothing, the water is far too deep. (c) Jean Patient Kakpo

BENIN – Bienvenue Djidenou is 44 years old and the father of 8 children. He is a farmer in Toganhoussa, a village on the Ouémé River. Every day, he experiences that adapting to the changing circumstances is the only solution. 

“I am a member of the citizens’ committee in my village Toganhoussa in the municipality of Adjohoun. In our region, it is difficult to get sufficient agricultural water. The farmers do not know the techniques to bring the water from the Ouéme River to their fields. The agricultural plots are located on the edge of the river.

Our crops need a lot of water during the dry season from January to March. During this period, the canals of the rivers used to irrigate the crops run out of water. Those who live close to the river can still get water, but for the others it is very difficult. The harvest of most producers then depends on the rains that start around March. But climate change is changing the rain patterns and we have to adapt. With the activities of Join For Water, we can find solutions to reduce our dependence on seasonal rains.

Earlier, Join For Water tested whether we could pump up water. A trial borehole was drilled, and I helped, but even at a depth of 24 metres, no water could be found. The groundwater table in Toganhoussa is much deeper and the soil is very clayey. We continue to search with Join For Water for a suitable solution for our village.”


Text: Terry Berckmans