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(c) Joseph Muhumuza

UGANDA – Our project to protect critically endangered cycads in Mpanga Gorge has won the first selection round in an international competition. In order to receive funding, we need to win the public voting. Vote now and spread the message!

Mpanga Gorge is home to the last remaining population of critically endangered Mpanga Falls cycad. Cycads pre-date dinosaurs but are now threatened by agricultural encroachment, fires and poaching. Just outside Queen Elizabeth National Park, 90% of the population remains unprotected and their loss, along the steep river valleys, coincides with erosion, siltation, loss of wildlife, higher water treatment costs and degraded touristic value. This results in farmers encroaching the riparian zone along the Mpanga river, putting the remaining cycad population further at risk.

Join For Water, working with Ugandan NGO JESE and community-based eco-tourism organisation Cycad Village, will restore the ecological and economic value of the Mpanga Gorge via community-based reforestation of 60,000 cycads over 200ha, promoting law enforcement, environmental awareness raising, sustainable farming training and helping the area, already popular with hikers and birders become a green connectivity belt for hiking treks between crater lakes and national parks.

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Let’s save dinosaur-age cycads from extinction. Vote nowe! (c) Joseph Muhumuza