Saving millions of gallons of water with the Water Challenge

The Belgian's water use exceeds by far the actual available water share.

BELGIUM – On World Water Day (March 22, 2022), we launched the Water Challenge for the second time. Through this campaign more than 1200 people were challenged for 6 weeks to live more water-consciously. Through the choices we make in, for example, food or clothing, we consume on average no less than 7,400 liters of water daily. Without making too big an effort in our lifestyle, buying and consuming habits, and on the basis of concrete tips, challenges and assignments, the Water Challenge challenged them to save 100 million liters of water.

Every day, Belgians consume about 100 liters of tap water, but our total water consumption is dozens of times higher. If you add up the tap water and the water needed to produce our clothes and food, for example, we end up with an average consumption, or water footprint, of no less than 7,400 liters of water… per person and per day!

These are staggering figures. All the more so when you know that fresh water supplies are under pressure worldwide and some of our products are produced in countries where water is scarce. Via the interactive Water Challenge, Join For Water therefore called on everyone to take a moment to consider how much water he or she ‘consumes’ every day through food, clothing, home and garden.

If everyone adjusts just a few very simple things in his or her lifestyle, together we can save millions of liters of water annually, it couldn’t be more simple.

Participants in the Waterchallenge@home got an e-mail with a challenge twice a month. They were challenged to reduce their water consumption at home by, for example, eating veggie or vegan one day a week or putting together a ‘low water outfit’.

In addition, the participants received many tips on how to reduce their water footprint.

For example, did you know that:

  • It takes 1,700 liters of water to produce one bar of chocolate?
  • The production of one pair of jeans requires 8,000 liters?
  • By drinking a cup of tea instead of coffee once a day, you save 100 liters of water?
  • Eating an apple instead of an ice cream saves 350 liters of water?
  • By not throwing away food at all 3 days a week, you save 790 liters of water?
  • By eating vegetarian (extra) once a week, you save 1,300 liters of water?
  • Buying second hand jeans saves 8.000 liters of water?
  • By showering for 1 minute less, you save 10 liters of water?
  • By buying shoes in synthetic material instead of leather, you save 8,500 liters of water?
  • By putting an eco-button on your toilet, you save 5 liters of water per flush?
  • By eating a veggie burger instead of a beef burger, you save 2,000 liters of water?
  • By reducing the flow of the water under your sink, you can save dozens of liters of water every day?


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