Looking back on World Water Day

On March 22, we celebrated World Water Day. For Belgium, this nearly coincided with Earth Overshoot Day on March 23rd*. Could the message be any clearer? We use and waste too much water, just as we deplete other resources the Earth offers us. Join For Water continues to commit to a more sustainable approach to water management to protect our planet.

World Water Day 2024: Join For Water around the World

Join For Water and its partners seized the opportunity to set up educational and awareness-raising activities that emphasize the importance of sustainable water management.

  • In Uganda, Join For Water hosted the Albertine Regional Water and Environment Week 2024, organised by the Ministry of Water and Environment. The week was packed with hackathons that formulated solutions and debates on environmental protection.
  • In Mali, we participated in national and local festivities in Farabana, where Join For Water addresses the polluted banks of the Niger. World Water Day there was organised by the National Directorate for Waterworks, supported by our partners CSPEEDA and CNSFN.
  • In Burundi, our partner Greening Burundi went to a primary school to reflect with the children on ‘water’ and a green environment around the school. This turns children into advocates!
  • In Benin, Join For Water took part in a two-day study day with the students of the National Institute for Water (INE) of the University of Abomey-Calavi. In addition, a delegation of Beninese and Belgian water actors went to the Wémé Valley, where Join For Water is active.
  • In the DR Congo, our partner Faja Lobi held an awareness session on rational water use. Join and make a difference together
  • In the Andes, our partner ProtosAndes strongly defends the right to water because it is so important both in the fight against poverty and in the pursuit of gender equality. See their post on facebook.

World Water Day at school

  • In Belgium, Join For Water is very active on World Water Day at school, in collaboration with GoodPlanet. More than 120 schools in Belgium celebrated World Water Day and put their words into action. Playgrounds are becoming greener, tiles are disappearing, trees are being planted… all to retain water.

Your involvement is crucial. Together, we can create a more sustainable future for our planet.

N.B. Our annual Water Challenge is starting soon!

* Overshoot Day: In Belgium, we are about 4 months ahead of the global average. This is due to our way of living, moving, and consuming. More info.

Below some pictures of the activities in Burundi (school children), in Uganda, DR Congo and Mali.