A tree nursery to create source protection zones

Erosion in the hills of Burundi does not make it easy for farmers. (c) Landry Mudugu

BURUNDI – A tree nursery was set up in Isale with our Burundian partner AVEDEC, which will be home to 72 tree species from the region. A total of 8,000 trees will be planted.

Trees hold soil better and allow rainwater to be absorbed into the soil more easily. This way, the flow rate of the source protection zones remains at the correct level and access to drinking water will be available permanently.

The trees are planted in two infiltration areas that feed different water systems: in the area around the Nyagwungo source protection zone, a private property of approximately 4 hectares that has been severely deforested and degraded, and in a 50-hectare infiltration area near the city of Bona.

Besides trees, plants are also being planted that can be useful to the people inhabiting the zones. This not only makes access to water more sustainable, but also improves biodiversity and allows people to reap the benefits of a healthy and rich ecosystem.