This report provides an overview of the state of sanitation and hygiene in 32 African countries. It has been prepared with the collaboration of the countries concerned. This report documents both the progress and barriers facing countries in their quest to achieve their sanitation MDG. Its purpose is to present an honest overview of the sanitation situation in the region based on 32 country assessments. The report identifies common challenges and issues across countries and discusses some possible solutions and options based on the innovations which are already taking place within the continent and elsewhere in the world. The lessons learned are important for replication and to help achieve scale and impact; these last two being crucial for MDG achievement in Africa. This report is likely to be a valuable resource for anyone working in the sanitation sector. It provides up-to-date comparative data for the region as well as information on strategic areas such as the national policies and institutional frameworks for sanitation within each country; financing and resources; capacity and monitoring and evaluation.

African Ministers' Council on Water; AFDB - African Development BankAbidjan CI; World BankWashington D.C. US; WSP - Water and Sanitation Program PELima
Werken in het water - sanitatie en hygiëne