Water is a primary medium through which climate change will have an impact on people, ecosystems and economies. Water resources management should therefore be an early focus for adaptation to climate change. Water resources management does not hold all of the answers to adaptation, a broad range of responses will be needed. But water is both a key part of the problem, and an important part of the solution. It is a good place to start. Improved understanding of the dynamics of climate change as it affects water supply and demand and the broader impacts on all water-using sectors will guide better water resources management. This will in turn build resilience to current climate variability, while building capacity to adapt to future climate change. Water is recognized to be key to the achievement of many of the Millennium Development Goals. So better water resource management is a cost-effective strategy; delivering immediate benefits to vulnerable and underserved populations, while strengthening systems and capacity for longer-term climate risk management.

Sadoff Claudia, Muller Mike
Stockholm GWP - Global Water Partnership SE
Water in de wereld - milieu