The monitoring of the contribution of local Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) measures to Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) is challenging and difficult. Climate Change (CC) is a long-term process, uncertainties are inherent, and the effects vary from one place to another. A monitoring tool should therefore be flexible, locally adapted, and developed with participation of the local communities who are impacted by CC. Join For Water implements an action research in the fishing community Kayinja in Western Uganda  that focuses on how a tool, that monitors the contribution of IWRM measures to local CCA, can be developed with participation of the local community. The action research is still on-going, but the intermediate results are promising, and the process up to now can inspire other organisations in the CCA sector.

This article is based on the project study of Löwe  Janina “Action Research on the Development of a Monitoring Tool for Climate Change Adaptation ; A report of findings from Kayinja, Kamwenge District, Western Uganda (2015)”.

Glas Dirk, Löwe Janina, Martens Hannelore
Join For Water