Vision and Mission statement

Water, a lever for development

Join For Water contributes to the development of communities around the world so that, thanks to social and economic improvement, they can ensure their own subsistence, improve their resilience, develop themselves and make their own choices.
A key factor to this process is an inclusive and sustainable access to water and water services and good quality sanitation.

Join For Water reinforces an equitable, sustainable and participatory water management and water use.

  • ‘equitable’ assumes solidarity amongst all users, whereby each individual has the right to sufficient water quantities for a well-balanced human development.
  • ‘sustainable’ seeks to optimally use the available water sources without threatening other users and the environment, now or the future.
  • ‘participatory’ requires the involvement of each individual, each community, and each local authority and this with respect for equality and equity between genders

Join For Water wants to fulfil this vision by:

  • supporting participatory and innovating development programs that aim to improve the socio-economic situation of the population thanks to an improvement of access to water, of its management, its distribution, its valorisation and its use;
  • stimulating the cooperation between all parties involved in the planning and implementation of local development, including the civil society organisations, the users, the providers and the local authorities;
  • through advocacy, stimulating the debate on the equitable, sustainable and participatory water management and use. The experiences and innovative solutions of Join For Water and its partner organisations can fuel the debate;
  • being a lever: by strengthening the capacities, visions and position of the organisations which have the potential of multiplying the knowledge acquired during these innovating programs.