2017-2021 (DR Congo) Sustainable access to drinking water, hygiene and sanitation in Ituri

The province of Ituri has an area of approximately 65,000 km2 and lies in the east of DR Congo. The region is at an altitude of 2,000 to 2,500 m, with a relatively favorable climate with an average precipitation of 1500 mm per year and moderate temperatures, up to 25 ° maximum. The province is fairly densely populated, with about 4,250,000 people who make their living mainly from agriculture.
  1. An integrated vision on the water and sanitation sector is developed and shared with all key actors in Ituri.
  2. Local management of existing and new drinking water systems in Ituri has improved.
  3. The availability of drinking water and access to sanitation have increased.
  4. Water resources are protected according to IWRM principles.

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Target Groups
  • Construction of water system: 12.000 people
  • Basic sanitary facilities: 1.600 pupils
  • Water kiosks: 31.500 people
  • Improved management of existing systems: 500.000 people
  • IWRM: protection of an area of 50-100 ha 
Funding / budget / duration


  • DGD
  • Flemish administration and De Watergroep via VPWvO
  • LIONS Service Club Gent Scaldis
  • Renotec SA via Entrepreneurs pour Entrepreneurs
  • Sanitechniek via Entrepreneurs pour Entrepreneurs
  • Private donations


  • ARCADIS Belgium


  • 2017-2021


Activities & results

1. Integrated vision 

  • training and field visits
  • consultation
  • training water sector group
  • follow up and exchange 

2. Improved management

  • water kiosk in stead of water fountains 
  • meetings and exchange amongst management committees 
  • guidance and capacity building of private operators 

3. New infrastructure

  • construction water system
  • construction Ecosan latrines in schools 
  • handwashing device, rain water harvesting, waste management in school
  • sensitization 

4. IWRM activities

  • nursery managed by community
  • reforestation 
  • anti erosive measures
  • follow up, monitoring and documentation + dissemination
  • CIDRI = Centre d’Initiation au développement rural en Ituri, Join For Water partner since 1984

Would you like to support this program? Please contact Harald van der Hoek, thematic and geographic adviser for DR Congo: harald.vanderhoek [at] joinforwater.ngo