Annual reports

Since 2012, Join For Water (formerly: Protos) publishes its annual report also in English. The annual report consists of 3 parts:

  • an activity report
  • a financial report
  • a social and environmental report according to the GRI directives

2019: Jaarverslag

De wereld staat voor ongeziene uitdagingen. Dicht bij huis en in onze partnerlanden zijn we door de corona-epidemie geconfronteerd met de kwetsbaarheid van ons bestaan. Terwijl in België alle middelen ingezet werden - van verhoogde hygiënemaatregelen, fysieke afstand tot een sterk uitgebouwd gezondheidssysteem - werd er in onze partnerlanden met beperktere middelen gestreden. Toegang tot water en hygiëne speelt ook daar een sleutelrol – iets waar Join For Water zich al meer dan 40 jaar voor inzet.

2018: Annual Report

For over 40 years our organisation has been supplying tens of thousands of people with sustainable drinking water, sanitation, hygiene and agricultural water solutions. Reality teaches us on a daily basis that water is precious and finite. In order to mobilise even more people around ‘water, hygiene and sanitation’, Protos was given a more appealing name at the beginning of 2019. Join For Water retains the ambitions and strategies of the organization, but invites even more to cooperation.

2017: Annual report

Many developing countries, and certainly the countries where Protos is active, are still at the bottom of the sanitation ladder. Protos has been committed for many years to the sound and sustainable management of drinking water or sanitation in all its programmes. After all, it is about much more than the construction of systems..... The annual report offers you more information about our activities, including an environmental and financial report.

Annual report 2016

2016: Annual report

"Thanks to the tools developed by Protos, we can more accurately keep track of everything: inventory, repair costs, calculation of loss on the waterpipes … Every week I make an overview for the treasurer." Sékou Broulaye Keïta from Mali